The Case Management Systems product currently integrates directly with several courts across the Salt Lake Valley, as well as courts in Sanpete and Daggett counties. The unique design of the templating system makes it simple to create a new jurisdiction calendar in minutes.

    Case files can be created for any or all cases. From there tasks are managed and tracked. Once a case file is created, the number appears in bold. Attorneys are able to keep notes on each case and assign and track tasks. Support staff also are able to quickly surmise which tasks have been finished from those that remain incomplete. The system is remarkable in its ability to track matters in terms of staff and status, as well as managing projects including setting deadlines. Appeals cases can be linked to lower court cases. Upcoming cases are easily viewed.

    The Case Management System is comprehensive and broad yet high-powered and fast. It has been streamlined over years to allow attorneys to quickly access and process large amounts of information.